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CAWT Partnership Commitment to Good Governance


The CAWT Partnership is committed to high standards in governance as ‘good governance leads to good management, good performance, good stewardship of public money, good public engagement and, ultimately, good outcomes’ Good Governance Standards for Public Services, OPM / CIPFA 2004


Both the Director General and the Chief Officer, in full consultation and within the delegated authority of the CAWT Management Board and Secretariat, are committed to:

  • Having a governance structure which conveys, delegates, implements and enforces decisions;
  • Having reliable internal controls to protect, channel and document resources as intended;
  • The establishment of an inclusive set of policies and procedures that are documented, accessible, understood and enforced by all staff;
  • Operating with probity and regularity in all its transactions;
  • Operating to an appropriate code of ethics which reflects the standards of the CAWT Management Board organisations;
  • Instilling standards of behaviour and performance in relation to CAWT’s activities;
  • Providing timely, transparent and realistic accounts of its work ensuring public confidence through frequent presentations to political representatives and local and regional government committees.


It is recognised that each of the CAWT partner organisations has their own governance and accountability frameworks. CAWT’s governance arrangements are designed to complement and support each partner organisation’s own governance processes and activities.